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My name doesn't shows in search results ...what to do?

When I search with my username no users are found…what should I do??


Maybe try to do as many buyer requests as possible. After getting more and more sells and good ratings, the algorithm should put you in a higher position.

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Thanks, @whitewolf25. I’ve been with Fiverr for almost a year, but as a buyer. I recently created my first gig, but could not find my name nor gig in the search. Your response really helps. Much appreciated!

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When you type your username does this appear on yor page?

Did you try clicking “Search users containing: …”
It is the samewhen I search my username.
But when I click on “Search users containing: nadagraph” I find myself

Hope I helped :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, @nadagraph. Yes, that is exactly what I see. However, when I try to find myself using the “Search users containing…” I still cannot find myself.


There seems to be a minor issue with searching by name for some folks lately. I suggest reporting it to Customer Support.

In the bigger picture, you really want to be found by keywords related to your gigs. Not many people are searching for sellers by username. I think you might need to work on some originality in your keywords/tags/images so that buyers notice you.

For example, when I search for keywords in your key “convert wix to wordpress” you might be in there somewhere, but so many other people are using the exact same gig image as you, I don’t notice anything that makes you stand out. Work on making gig images that really pop and are unique since visuals catch the eye. Look for sellers with high rating gigs in your categories and customize your tags/title/keywords to help you show up toward the top.

I see now in your posts that you crated first gig last week. If I remember right, you have to finish one job to be visible :slight_smile:

Ah, that would explain it. Guess I had better get to work on that first job! :slight_smile: Thanks!

No, it is not true that you need to finish one job in order to become visible :wink:

@ceciesinclair, Just follow what the Moderator Maddie suggested! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Maddie. Good advice.

Oh, sorry, guess I didn’t remember wright :thinking:

Thanks for correcting me! :grimacing:

Hi Guys, Same happening with me. I couldn’t find my user even I clicked on “Search users containing…” I still cannot find myself.