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My name is zoraida


Uh, what do you want to converse about?

Maybe the conversation was meant to help put it in conversations. I like how her profile appears to be the “talk about yourself and what you like!” in Spanish.

Let’s talk about… the macarena?

I think that might be the default stuff Fiverr puts in there except in Spanish. I could be wrong, but I don’t want to talk about the macarena. Let’s talk about talking.

I don’t have too much to say about talking. It’s… speaking your brains. A lot of people like to do that, but all to often something seems to get broken in between.

I believe this is called “foot in mouth” syndrome in the common parlance. What I’ve often wondered about that is that only babies and weirdly bendy people (0.01% of the general population and rail-thin yoga enthusiasts) can do that. Your average Chubby Checker would probably have a heart attack trying to get it halfway there.

Besides, if most men were to contort themselves so expertly, wouldn’t they put other, uh, appendages in their mouth instead? I speculate, of course.

And yeah it is the default, the header gives it away. My Spanish is pretty much dos cervezas por favor, mind.

Mine are:
No entiendo. This is often followed by my other one. Lo siento. If you just keep saying both of those, it gets you through anything, as long as you still have cerveza.

On the other topic, putting your feet in your mouth, did you ever wonder how that started? I wonder, but although I could google it I’m going to follow the trend of forum question-askers and just wait for someone else to spoon feed. ツ

It would be a good response to how i mek sell

how i foot in mouth put?

See the digital marketer guy with 13 years experience for an example of this. (he want know how u mek sell, bcos new 2 5rr, plz helping as communisty)

It is a trend now to make a nonsensical thread without having any gigs, such as this one and the one above it:
promote gig
can you promote your gig….check the social media site…

I’m typing words in response to the conversation.

I conversate.