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My Need to Order and stars

I public 6 best gig than my need to order .
please can you help me…?

here my best :

A) This is in the wrong place. You are asking for help, not giving it.

B) Your post makes no actual sense. This indicates a big need to improve your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English.

C) I see that as I read this, you have spent 8 minutes reading this forum which clearly shows that you have not done any research for yourself before expecting other people to help you in how to succeed.

This means that you are likely to blindly believe the inevitable 20 people who come after me giving you bland but useless advice (in misguided hope it helps them somehow seeing they get the same false advice when they asked exactly the same Q after reading 5 mins of the forum themselves).

If you act on just two of these pieces of advice, you will be further ahead than most failing sellers here.