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My new advice/helping out people gig!

Hello! My name is Avery and I’ve started a new gig. I wanted to create a safe place for people to ask for advice, to be able to vent, or talk about anything they choose! (Appropriately, of course). I hope you guys could check out my gig.

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Hey Avery,

I just checked out your gig. Welcome to Fiverr!

I got started in February of this year and write articles for people.

I have a few tips for you to sweeten your gig up a bit and get more views/orders.

  1. Add a bit more to the gig description and to your profile to describe the benefit of what your customer will receive.
    Check out these 2 gigs for examples.

  1. Add more skills to your profile in relation to your offering. “Coaching”, “Counseling”, “Listening”, “Advice”, etc.

  2. Create as many gigs as you can (I think 5 or 7 is the max when you’re first starting out). These could be related like: “I will give you relationship advice”, “I will coach you on your relationship”, “I will coach you through anything”, “20 Minute Listening Session”, etc.

Good luck!

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