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My new created gigs are still on draft

my new created gigs are still on draft for over 13hrs and I’m done with creating the gig

what is the reason


Log out and again log in

i logged out and logged in …still yet no result

same problem with me. Is it because of this new header bar?

You can try to republish again :slight_smile:

you gig has not saved. save properly

I saved it so many times and even pressed publish button 3-4 times after saving. Did this process 3-4 times.

you should contact customer support

i did the same as well, i published so many time

I think the EDITORIAL is reviewing them.
You can reach Customer support

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thanks. i will reach them

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please let me know what they say

ok …i will contact you and give you a feed back

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Ok. Good luck. Let us know.

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It worked! smh feeling dumb.

same bro …mine worked

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