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My new first day in fiverr as a seller


It been a while as a buyer in Fiverr, but today decided to join as a seller and started to feel impressive to those existing seller…wondering how it feel when secure the 1st job. now started a question in my mind, how long to get a job after upload a new gig? lol :grinning:


Some sellers get their 1st order in few days and for some it will take month to get their first orders. Its depend on luck and how catchy you gig title, description and picture is.


ya…buyers have too much choices with limited time, and we are the new seller, impossible appear in the first page. really as like what you said, by luck. :grin:


It depends how much you advertise, how many buyer requests you make good offers on, how engaging is your gig description and profile. If a buyer clicks on your gig, do they feel motivated to order?


thanks for your good advice :smile:


You will always remember your first sale. The feeling is indescribable! :slight_smile:


Make sure to check Buyer Requests regularly, so you won´t miss the 1 out of 10 requests that really is a Buyer’s Request and not a Seller’s Ad :wink:


ya, i always check that, can i offer a special rate there? just to kickstart the gig.


You aren’t supposed to post there as a seller, but to send your offer to the requests buyers post there, and you do that by sending them a custom offer, so, yes, you can offer whatever rate you want, for example if a buyer put 10$ as their budget, you can offer 9 or 8 or 7 or 6 or 5$ if you want to.
If a buyer’s posted budget is 5$, obviously you can´t offer a cheaper rate, as it´s the minimum you can enter in the box, but you could offer a free revision or some bonus or whatever would work in your category - you get the same pop-up to send a custom offer to the buyer (almost the same, minus the choice to set an expiry date unfortunately) as when you send one from inbox conversation, so you have that text field too, where you can type whatever you want.

Make sure you make your text somewhat catchy/individual to make it stand out among all the offers the buyer gets, that´s a real chance to get the buyer to consider your offer, because many sellers send canned texts that don´t mention anything that´s written in the buyer’s actual request.


what i mean actually is send buyer offer with special price. price below my gig offer, but im not sure its a good practice or not


useful info, thumb up:+1:


You can do that, sure, if it´s good is another thing - when you´re starting out and are in a category with lots of competition it might be a good way/or even the only way to get the first orders/reviews, but of course there´s the ‘danger’ that it might become a return buyer and will always expect that cheap rate, so you might lose them along the way if you have to take more, or convince them that your quality is worth more then.

If you have the time to do a few gigs for cheap, I´d suggest to try it out. Reviews will help you to get more orders.


understand what you mean.the way i see the buyer budget, it can consider impossible. beside, im doing 2d animation video which is very time consuming…Miiila, what gig you are doing?


Translation, sometimes research and writing. But it’s often difficult to know what exactly a buyer wants from the request, in any category, in that case you could send an offer that says that it’s no concrete offer but ask the buyer to contact you to talk about details. Just make sure that it’s very clear that it’s no final offer but just to contact them, so they don’t accept that offer and then expect 1 hour of video for 5$ or something ;). Of course you could always cancel if someone misunderstands you, but it’s better to avoid cancellations.


ya, i always ask buyer view my gig and send more detail about what they want…haha, non of them reply. used to it for the past few days.


Keep trying :slight_smile:
You could post in the ‘Improve my Gig’ forum section, maybe some folks from your category will take a look at your gig and suggest some useful things, I can’t say anything about video really.


I got my first job in first day… :smiley:


haha, yeah great, good to hear that.