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My new fiverr gig

Dear folks i need your suggestions about my one of the gig that i made 3 days ago the thing is that many people say that when you will make any gig and promote it on social media sites like fb twitter google plus you will get orders with in 24 hours after making any gig but since last three days i did not even get a single order please anyone tell me that what should i do where should i promote that i can get some orders on my gig dear folks i am level one seller and upto now i have 5 star rating please see my gig and let me know what is wrong with it i need your humble suggestions.thanks

You didn’t compel the buyer enough. Maybe they were researching, or doing simple window shopping. Agonizing over the stats is a waste of time when so much of your efforts are out of your control (placement of gig in search results, for example). Ignore the stats and do the work when it rolls in. It’ll get better or worse.

If you must fiddle, change up your gig descriptions, tags, pics and videos, but that’s about all you can do, really.