My New Gig (1st one) is not showing as Express


I need to know before I post the next 19 gigs if I am doing something wrong?


Well i know for sure you have to get at least one initial order on it. Beyond that, it may be more than one before it shows up as express. By default, it will not show up as express until some amount of orders is placed on it.



I am ready to purchase your GIG and rate it 100% after receiving your service.

But I always believe on GIVE and TAKE policy.

Firstly you have to order any of my GIG and rate it 100% and instantly I will do

so with your any unrated or best GIG. I will order the GIG immediately after

your order.

If you really wants a Good rating and a Good start for the unrated GIGs lets give

and take GIGs.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks and regards,

Sukhvir Singh


Thank you freelancemm that explains it

Kawalsuskhi, thank you for the offer but I do not want to do anything unethical.



Please stop.


He has been copy pasting that message all over Fiverr Forum.


Complete at least 2 Orders and soon you'll be seeing that Express Gig ribbon.