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My New Gig about Mixing or Mastering Your Music - check this out


All Songs Mixed/Mastered in Cubase 7.
Mixing is adjusting the individual elements of the song relative to each other. This is where your song comes alive!

I work out of my Cubase 7 equipped with...
State of the art equipment
UA, Waves, Massey Plugins, Etc...
Analog Processing
Sonically tuned room with GiK Acoustics so I can mix your song accurately.

Professional Mixing
When I mix your song in Cubase 7 , I will ..
Adjust EQ on tracks as needed
Use Compression on tracks as needed
VocAlign dubbed vocals
Auto tune for pitch correction or taste as needed
Export the mix in WAV format for delivery

Professional Mastering
• Each song is carefully looked at to get the best quality and sound that you want
• $5 will get a complete Mastering package
Mastering EQ, Multi-Band Compression, Harmonic Exciter & Saturation Processing, Clarity and Punch boost, and Radio Quality Volume Maximization

Send me your song today and in return you will receive a professional/radio quality mix!

There's no limit on the size of the mix. I work with anyone and any genre! Message me for details on how to get me your tracks in the right format!

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if you want a demo just contact me and i will show you the magic ^^