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My new gig and Fiverr update

Hi there, :innocent:

It`s been a long time. Hope you all are well. :hugs:

This was my first gig this year. Normally I design one or two gigs for a year. But I saw Fiverr now add SEO titles to gigs and all previous gigs need to update as per SEO optimized.
I think may sellers do not know about SEO and it`s also new to Fiverr gigs. However, from this year everyone needs to learn about SEO. it’s really important for every business today.

I have updated my old gigs as per SEO titles and also create a new gig for this year.
Here is my new gig link,

I am not an expert in SEO. Hope we can share our experience and we can align with new Fiverr updates. So feel free to share your thought about gig SEO updates and also let me know how you feel about my new gig style.

Thank You,


Inzent, Happy to see you post keep bidding everyday wish it do it every day marketing your best seller gig#happy_freelancing :grinning:

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