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My new gig - basic video editing


Hi there, Fiverr community! :slight_smile:

I really enjoy editing videos, although I’m not a professional (this is why I kindly ask everyone to MESSAGE ME BEFORE ORDERING to ask whether or not I can do whatever they need)

Here’s what I can do: I can cut, use a video enhancement tool (it doesn’t work miracles on really bad quality though), add effects (like sepia, gray, old movie etc…), add animated text, add your music to your video, add smooth transitions from one clip to another (works with photos too, if you need a photo slide), stabilize shaky video and lots of other things.

I do 2 services/gig, but I don’t limit the usage of those certain tools throughout the video. So for an example, you can ask me to do 10 cuts to your video and add transitions between them as well as at the start of your video and at the finish. The transitions can vary, I don’t tax that. I only tax another extra service besides the two you mention from the start. So you can take advantage and just order 2 more if you’re willing to go into a second gig. :wink:

I’m also happy to convert your video files in the limits of my available video formats: avi., mpeg1, mpeg2, mp4, H.264 AVC, .WMV, .RM, .MOV, DIVX.

So if you’re interested, please check it out! I’d love to work for you! :smiley: