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My new gig!....but with no orders yet


So, I have been a fivver seller for more than 2 years now, I have 2 main gigs, one an illustration gig,

the other translation stuff. Fiverr is not my main source of income and simply something I do on the side

but I have made a really nice amount of money ( and I pay for my annual trip/ rent/ etc) which is great!

I decided to add a new gig which is this:

Of course I know how fiverr works, it’s not that I am expecting to get an order right away…

but having that said, so far no orders for this gig. I though I’d might as well introduce this new gig here

at the forrum.

I know Japanese characters and their meanings very well ( what the heck, I AM a Japanese!), so I am sure

I can provide the buyers with a nice cool design. Please check it out! Thx! :smiley: