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My New Gig Can't Be Found


My gig has no views and when I search for it, it can’t be found. What I offer isn’t done by anyone else, so it’s not that it’s too similar to other people’s gigs. Any help?


Hello, you need to check whether your gig is published or in the drafts. if it is published and you cannot find it. then it means it is under a review. i will suggest generate a ticket and investigate into this matter. the CS will guide you if you have to make changes or not. mostly, gigs that do not appear in search are under editorial check. so you need to know the details and editorial views about your gig. this happened to me and after making slight changes to my gig the CS passed it and allowed my gig to stay published.

A piece of advice, once the CS allows your gig donot make any changes or it will again go into the editorial inspection. i have faced this issue and in the beginning fiverr blocked my gig 10-20 times. i had to go through alot of trouble and now after 8 months on fiverr, i still check my gig once a day on the published board. :smile:


How will I know if it is under review? And how will I know once it is done? Also, thank you for the reply, it really helped.
EDIT: I checked my gig, it says it’s active. I’m guessing I should contact support?


in past, the CS told me that its not visible because it is under editorial review and then they suggested me a few changes. they will help you donot worry. however, few times, the CS also told me that my gig will not be visible again because my content violated the rules. but then i kinda fought for my best selling gig and i proved to them that i had same content as the other high raters in my category so they recheck my request and approved my gig. but they guided me not to edit my gig again to avoid future problems. after that its been 7 months i never edited my gig.


This is your GIG
i think anyone can see it
I will earrape absolutely anything for you


I know people can see it, but you can’t search for it.