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My new gig doesn't appear in the search results for 2 days

Hello ! I created a new gig 2 days ago, the title is “I will play a piano cover of any popular song.”
Today the gig status is still in “Pending” and it says:

“Your Gigs is not displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace since is is currently being moderated by our Trust and Safety team. The moderation process may last up to 30 days.
If more than 30 days have passed since the Gig creation, please contact a support agent using the link below.”

Should I keep waiting or I should contact CS ?

This is the link of my gig

Thank you !!

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The moderation process may last up to 30 days

I think it won’t take too much time for a new gig. I thought it might be 1 or 2 days for a new gig

I see that it’s public now. So does that mean Fiverr made it active?

I don’t know but the gig status is still “pending” and I also can’t find it in search results, I changed the tags about 1 hour ago.Hope that helps !!