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My new gig, experience with Fiverr and other things

Hello, I’m kind of newbie here in Fiverr. I have 7 reviews and 10 orders from my first gig. I didn’t believe someone actually going to buy something from me. I publish my gig and within one week my first customer contact me he/she said that if the work is good she/he is going to order more. I’ve done 10 projects(small projects) with my first seller and earn something like 15$. And my gig quickly went to the first page of Relevance in line art category, so I get some more orders from other buyers only one buyer was not satisfied with the work and that buyer said that he maybe will use it and make a refund so I design two pictures and didn’t get paid but I leave it that way because I have other things to do and most importantly I didn’t have time to improve my gig and Fiverr account . With my 10 order I became lv 1 seller somehow but my Fiverr account quickly ‘‘died’’ and Fiverr demote my account, it was fair because I didn’t do anything to maintain my lv. It was maybe 4-5 months and I decided to give a full try. I make my logo design gig but something apparently happened and I could not find my gig in the search I was searching to the maybe 20th page and didn’t find anything. So I made my new gig same as the old but I put more time and effort. ( You can see it here and check it if you want. ). It was only a week, this time my gig was showing on the 9 page of newest arrivals and I was starting to lose hope because every day my gig was going down. On the second day, my gig was on the 10th page, the third day on 11th and today my gig is on the 14th page of Newest Arrivals. The competition is big really big, there are top sellers with 200 orders in queue and they just deliver every minute( I don’t know how is this even possible!). I can’t even imagine having one order this time with my first gig everything happened very quickly, but it was cheaper and the competitions were very small. And some of the sellers are not here very long either I see people with many reviews and their accounts are from 2017, so how they come out on the first pages? I don’t think anyone will search way back to the 14th page to see my gig. I have some views,clicks etc. but they are maybe from sellers like me who search to see their gigs.

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