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My new gig for responsive Mailchimp email template


Hi ,
i am a mailchimp expert . i am offering you a responsive mailchimp email template just in a five bucks.

if you are interested then visit my gig and profile

if you want to visit my gig Click here

if you want to visit my profile Click here


Suggestion: I don’t know if this is the right place for advertising your gig. It’s better if you advertise on social networking sites.


It’s okay! Sellers can post their gigs under “My Fiverr Gigs” section and ask for improvements under “Improve My Gigs” section. :smiley:


yeah , advertising in social networking site is important but in my fiverr gig sellers can post there and this is helpful for sellers and buyers both.

For posting gig there buyers do not need to visit all gigs they can just visit this platform and can order …

thanks for your suggestion


Are you related to anyone else offering mailchimp services?


sorry i did not get your question …

can you please tell me in details ??