My new gig had not get orders yet



Below mention gig has been crated by me to offer my talent in fiverr. Still not get the order from some one. Tell me what are need improvements in my Gig.

Seeking your suggestions in this open forum.

Thank you.
Chanaka Niroshan.


Your gig description is difficult to understand. The first three paragraphs are basically indecipherable.

As a marketer, you should know that using simple, straightforward language is the way to get people on board with your services.


I have no idea what you are saying in your Gig’s description.

I’m doubtful anyone else could make sense of it, which is probably why you haven’t been receiving orders.


Thank you all who are given best ideas to improve my gig.


Keep marketing on social media and use bullet points and numbering , keywords and smart highlighting to let people understand better. Hope that will improve the condition of your gig


Hire professionals to write your Gig descriptions and designing your marketing plan. You will find some nice ones here on Fiverr. That’s a good start for a sucessful business.