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My new gig,help to improve it

This Is My New Gig
Check The Link Below

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Three things:

Delete Unlimited Revisions.

Delete 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Delete Money-Back Guarantee.

Here’s why:

I can hire you and make you do revisions to the end of the year if I wanted to.

You can argue to Fiverr CS about it, but unlimited revisions means unlimited revisions.

Maybe I’ll get back to you in a couple of years for more revisions.

You offered them to me - unlimited.

As you can see, I’m not 100% satisfied.

That is going to impact the review I leave you.

Oh, and so I can get my money back, all I have to do is cancel the order.

You have no control over that whatsoever.

I hope I’ve helped you with this.

Otherwise, your Gig looks slick and promising.

Good luck.


Thanks For Advised Sir .

Hi there. I also think that what you are offering looks good and interesting. Besides the unlimited revision thing, maybe the English in your Profile could be a little improved? (I think, since I am not a native English speaker myself.) Good luck with your gig!

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Thank You So Much dear , i will improve my English soon.