My new GIG. I think it will bring more order and revenue


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My new GIG. I think it will bring more order and revenue. You can check and give me few advice to help.


Looks great. You can use the bold feature to emphasize important areas you want the buyer to notice quickly. All the best!


Hi @minaitstudio

For your gig, I would suggest using the second image as your main image since it has more details about the service you offer. Sometimes buyers don’t read the gig description and the image is more eye-catching so they get information from there.

As for increasing sales, there are certain things you can try to do get your gig to be found more easily. You can make sure that:

  • You use the keywords for your service everywhere in your gig. Use it in the:
    • Gig Title
    • Gig Description at least 3 times or as many times as you are allowed
    • Gig Image when saving the image or rename the image using all the search tags you had used related to your service as the file name of the image.

All the best!


Thanks a lot for your help.


I am a new user can you give me some tips?


I have started this just before 2 days. How can I get orders? Please help.


Hi @imtiazmahmood

Same things I mentioned in my reply to the other seller. You can also promote your gigs on social media. You can create a Facebook page or an Instagram account specifically for your online business and promote there and show samples of your work. Creating a business page will allow you the option of running ads or boosting posts to your target audience to let them know what services you provide. I wish you the best in your business.


Thank you dear @acelawla


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Thanks. Just trying to help out where I can. All of us can be successful online. Together we can achieve more.


Yes, you are 100% right.


God bless dear. I appreciate your attitude


Thank you so much for your valuable advice. Have a great day.


Only one Tips- google, google and google!