My new gig is not in search results!



I can’t find it in new Graphic category also.

keywords : remove background retouch photoshop

help me!

I’m new to Fiverr…! :((


I had the same problem I couldn’t find my gig with any keywords and I would scroll endlessly down the page never finding it. I had to get all my business from the request side bar after I got 5-10 sales I was on the first page of songwriting. So it seems to me fiverr wants you to get you’re own customers before you are worthy of theirs.


that being said I did get one gig order from a gig I couldn’t find my self so my guess is that the search bar works differently for everyone


use the optimized keywords that will be used to search exactly the tag that you are offering… I gave you hint for it…


@matt_garry :-S

@fun2sh :-?


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NO :frowning:



I would consider using keyword phrases and also changing the order of the keywords helped me.