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My new gig is not showing anywhere


Hello everybody,
I just make my account on fiverr and upload my first logo designing gig 2 hours ago. But it is not showing anywhere in new arrivals. I select all the criteria’s to shorten the list (style, price, online status etc) but still my work is not showing anywhere … Please tell me the reason. Thanks :slight_smile:


you don’t see your gig because now your gig is under review by the Fiverr team. You able to see your gig after 24 hours to published your gig.


reviewing only take 20 to 30 minutes according to my last year experience … now it’s more then 4 hours and still can’t find my gig anywhere…


If sometimes you don’t see your gig in fiverr after publishing your gig then fiverr review your gig in 24 hours. Generally this review process 20 to 30 minutes. But If don’t process then need to wait 24 hours for reviewed your gig by fiverr team.


Please be patient. It will be posted if, and when, the Fiverr review team chooses to approve it.