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My new gig is not showing under newest arrivals


Good day,
I just created a new gig and It more than 6 hours now and it yet to show on the newest arrival section under it categories…Please what am I doing wrongly? i need advice ASAP…Thank you in anticipation


Where do you want it to appear, on the best selling ? recommended ? you haven’t done any sales on it, so it will be on the new arrival!



I believe that it can take up to 48 hours after gig creation for it to be listed in Fiverr’s search.


The gig is having views and clicks yet no impression and I cannot find the gig in fiverr search… Please what should I do now…Thank you in advance


I checked and I think your all gigs disappeared from search, Same happened with me my gig’s also not showing in search no matter 48 houra to wait i’m waiting from 6 month changed tag’s . i did everything but same issue i created another account and created new gig this time gig just appeared in just 5 mintue and after i created gig another day same happened gig’s not showing in new arrivals and not even in other gigs by (username). So nobuddy can solve your problem


Are you saying that even if I contact CS, there is nothing they will do about it? What do you advice I do now…Thank you in anticipation


Maybe try changing your tags to match the gig title?

I checked for ‘color grading’ which is in the title of two of your gigs, but you don’t have ‘color grading’ in either of those gigs’ tags. It might help if you’re looking for buyers for color grading?


Hi @animationhubb

Those views and clicks might come from you or even from us, forum users, searching for your gigs through Google in an attempt to help you. The only way to get impressions is your gig showing when searching through Fiverr’s search.


Brother porblem in your account not in single gig that’s why your all gigs disappeared from search. when did you publish these gigs, how long ?


It takes some time. But you can find it in New Arrival.


Same thing happened with me Not even showing in new arrivals, i publish 2 gigs same time 1 is showing on new arrivals page but one not showing anywhere, Even not in my other gigs tab below the gig


One of the gig is more than 3 months old and the other twos are just days…Thank you