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My new gig is not showing up

Hi Everybody,

Plz see the image below. I created a new gig 2 days back. It is showing I have 3 Active Gig, but I can not find that. Plz suggest me how to recover that.

I lol’d at “thankfully accept your gracious tip”. Haha.

Reply to @matrixdevuk: I know it may match with some other gigs. To be honest before creating a gig I studied a lot by viewing more than 140-150 gigs. But really didn’t copy-pasted it. Happy fiverring :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Hi I know you are pretty active in forum and I got some useful information from your comments and suggestion also. Please help me on this issue. As it is declaring 3 active gig in the upper part, but in the list it is showing only 2 as you already observed.

By the way I got the first TIP just before couple of hour. Though it is as little as $5, but I think it is quite inspirational to me as I am here in fiverr for less than 1 month. Thanks for be with us. :slight_smile:

Hahha I have this “tipping” gig too and most of my clients uses it! That’s a great thing to have! :slight_smile:

Just going to steal that tip gig idea.


You can generate support ticket for it.

They can help you very quickly.

Take a look.