My new gig is not showing


I created a gig but whenever I search the tags or the title of my gig it does not show up.


Have you waited a few days to allow it to be reviewed by Fiverr? :wink:

All new gigs are reviewed by Fiverr before they are added to the search results. This review process usually seems to last up to three days.


I am facing the same problem and waited for few days.
It wont show up after waiting for few days. Any solution plz…


You could always contact Customer Support and ask them. :wink:


After fiverr review you gig it will show automatically @shottarget


Check your description…avoid any outer link into your description…@jamy455


You are right. I think this suggestion will helpful for every new sellers.


Yes I agree.Its absolutely right


you may contact with support if the gig is not come in search result within few business day.
Thank you