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My new gig,need help to improve my gig

this is my new gig.please help to improve my gig that i can get order


Hey, this is not the way to promote your gig on fiverr forum. This is also not the place.
Try to promote your gig on social media. And try to be active as much as possible :blush:

Improve My Gig” is exactly the category where you can post your gig and ask others for help or suggestions with your gig.

Some basic grammar and style fixes would make your gig look more professional. Capitalize “Facebook” in the title, remove the bold text in the description, and use a browser extension like Grammarly to make your writing cleaner. You might also want to make your bio relevant to this gig instead of a previous Photoshop gig.

Thanks for your feedback

try social media, this is not right way