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My New Gig, Need to get orders

Hi there! I need to get orders on my gig. If anyone want to get my services, please contact me.

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Anyone here to respond?

this is not a place to get orders. This forum is for polishing your skills and to get help from senior sellers on fiverr.

If you are senior seller, can you tell me or help me how can i get my first order?
I am feeling frustrating now. as i did not get even single order yet. Even my GIGS getting impressions, clicks, views etc But not getting orders, which is main thing to earn.

You need to keep sending buyer request for 10-20 days. I think you will get the order soon thanks


But When i client on send buyer request… there is nothing show to me… how can i send there is no one show

Be online keep sending friend request. Share your gigs. Make new gigs. Update your gig images. AND most IMPORTANT thing is that BE PATIENT.


For new seller there is a limitation of showing a buyer request to New seller in a day. You need to active online as you can and check buyer request again and again as you see the request send them immediately if you are qualify for that job thanks.

Never lose hope.keep trying will bring you good results.