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My new gig! Professional Logo Designs with free review and PSD File


Hi, i’m quite excited for my new gig and hope that some people will give it a try so I can design logos for them.

I hope that everyone finds my gig to be of a great value as I am not just designing a logo to a specification, but I am offering to revise the design for free and will also include the Photoshop PSD file so they can edit it themselves at a later stage if they would like.

When I deliver the gig, the logo will belong to YOU and will be of an extremely high quality so I am sure you will be pleased with anything I do for you.

I would really like to get a few sales so I can fully experience being a Fiverr seller as I am fairly new here and am still figuring out what sort of high quality services I can offer.

Take a look at the gig page for more information!

Here’s the link to my gig if you would like to take a look. I have some examples on there and would put a couple more if it let me.

If you are interested in my gig but do not necessarily want to make an order now, why not add it to a collection to save it for later. If you know anyone who would like a logo design then it would be nice if you showed them my gig but don’t force them upon it.



This is an example logo that I wasn’t able to add to my gig because of the example limit.

I have put any examples I make into this Flickr Set.

Sorry about the first picture not showing properly, I uploaded the wrong size image and can’t remove it. The correct one is below :wink:


Nice work! Would you like your gig to be promoted? Being featured on fiverrsupersellers dot com blog will boost your gig traffic a lot! All I ask for is could u please do a sample of your gig for me to review? This is mutual benefit.

You can read my reviews here: fragglesrock

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I would be more than happy to give you a sample gig for a promotion, if you inbox me on Fiverr with the details etc… then I will give it a go for you and send it back.


This is really awesome. Will buy from you soon for my business.


Then I look forward to hearing from you soon :slight_smile:


I have just delivered my first order of this gig within an hour of it being requested.

I aim to get any orders completed within 24 hours.


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