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Do you really speak Russian?

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Yess i can speak Russian very well.

That is very suspicious that you stated that you can speak fluently so many languages including Chinese and Russian which are considered the most difficult languages and yet you are creating PowerPoint presentations instead of utilising your unique polyglot ability to speak so many languages.
(You stated 17 languages on your page)


Mila Kunis thinks she can speak Russian very well, too, bless her.

On a more serious note, with impressive skills like yours, I’d set up a writing or translation gig. I wouldn’t want to waste my talent on design if I could fit more than 3 languages in my head (I tried and I can’t).


Well exactly i have mentioned all these languages i can work on all these languages because i have hand on experience regarding writing on these languages. well i cant speak Fluently. may be with some mistakes

Same here, but I still keep trying :woman_shrugging: I blame my parents though :grin: why didn’t they teach me all those languages in childhood? Only if they would, I would’ve been the same impressive as @wasi_niko

How can you write in those languages if you can’t speak them? Can you red them? Or does google translate does that for you?

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Well i don’t rely on google translate, i take help from my colleagues if i get stuck in any language issue. well you know i love different languages of the World and i always watch tutorials on different site after that i am able to write at least in these languages. so i will advise you to please see different language tutorials on google it will help you a lot.