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My New GiG, Wish me luck and first work

Hello Yáll Good People here on Fiverr Forum,
I just published my new GiG. Wish good luck from you all.
Pls share some tips too for betterment of my GiG.
It will help me in getting my first work.



All the best :grinning:

Thanks @talha_tamim for wishes

Thanks @alvymisty for wishes

Welcome to Fiverr. Wish you the best of experiences on Fiverr. :+1:t3::grinning:

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First of all buddy you have to active on your fiverr regularly otherwise your account will degrade by fiverr and you will not get any order…
That’s an tip
Btw best of luck for your carrier as a freelancer…:star_struck:

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Hello and welcome in Fiverr. I think this will help you

I wish you all the best luck
Maria S.

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Thanks Maria for the tips.

Thanks buddy. I shall be regular here. Hope I get my first work soon.

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Thanks for the wishes Shivani.

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Hi me kazipinaki also New at fiverr. Hope your journey at fiverr will be memorable as well mine . Wish me good luck . Thanks

Oh wow!! Wish you luck mate.

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