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My new improved gig for vintage photography


Hello Fiverr community. I am really happy to present you my new improved gig for vintage-old photos. Check it out here and don’t hesitate to tell me your honest opinion.

Thank you all
Maria S.


Interesting and unique service! I’ve yet to discover a Gig which transforms a photo into a vintage looking photo, so that’s a plus. Everything else looks just fine, good job! There is only one thing though, but this is just my opinion; to transform a photo to a vintage photo for $10 seems quite a lot, $5 would be more appealing. I don’t know how much work goes into editing these photos, though. I might be mistaken here!

Good luck on selling your Gigs!


Hello and thanks for your kind words. The truth is most people do the opposite, they transform the old photos to look like new so i think that this gig is helpful for people who look for the opposite. Now about the price, sometimes the work to be done is quite difficult because i use different filters and styles/atmposhere depending on buyers needs and taste, so that may take time. Thanks again for your honest opinion.

Maria S.


Such a good idea and your examples look great!


Hey thank you so much! So glad you like my gig.Greetings

Maria S.