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My new logo design gig But didn't any order


I want to present my first 4 gigs. 3D logo design, minimalist logo design, business logo design and promote podcast. but i have not order.




You are using an actress’s photo as your profile picture and your gig images are taken from internet. And you are wondering why you aren’t getting orders? Are you going to give your buyers template based logos? Profiles with good looking girl’s photos don’t get more orders or attract buyers. This is a platform where people come for business not for dating.


( Are you going to give your buyers template based logos )
I do not understand what that means? please


rahulkajla1 is saying that the work in your portfolio are not your own

Also he is saying the samples look like generic templates where you just add the name of the company.

To get ahead in branding and logo design you need to work a bit harder than that


Sorry, not sure what you are saying!