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My new logo design gig didn't receive any order

My new logo design gig,
I had 2 logo design gigs before this one only received few orders so I thought there is a problem with content and all other things in my gig, like price,timeline,etc
so I deleted all of them and now I started new gig with unique own logo images and contents FAQ and everything I planned more than 2 weeks how to put the gig and what images, my content, tags FAQ also the title to use and the price packages I keep my quality and uniqueness all the time so I think my price is worth to buy.
Everything done as planned also I sent offers by reducing the price But I didn’t receive a single order.
Can someone help me to improve my gig? should I reduce the price,Do I need to change the tags, Title or description? I Appreciate any advice from you all
Thank you.


In many cases, it’s not your gig causing you not to have sales – it’s the fact that you are offering the same service that thousands of other sellers are offering, and you’re expecting to become successful just because you offer that service.

Competition is fierce for logo designing here on Fiverr. Why should someone purchase your logo design services, when there are thousands of other people offering the same thing?

Outwit your competition. That will likely bring you more sales.

EDIT: You also have no reviews on your gig, and the logos you feature are pretty basic and unremarkable (at least as far as most professionals would be looking for). You have not built a reputation worthy of those high prices. Perhaps starting at $5 or $10 would entice buyers to give your services a try.


There is a lot of competition on the graphic designer category. You need to work well with you gig title , description and tags to targeted a specific niche. Narrowing down the niche will allow your gig to stand against less competition.


I’ll try your instructions.
But I have something to ask…
logo design concepts aren’t that much cheap, isn’t it?
Professional designers charge more than 400$ for a design. I know we aren’t that much professional. But aren’t we putting down graphic designers’ reputation? It’s should be a respectable profession. Pardon me If I said something wrong.


Thanks philsony for the advice. I appreciate your comment.


I’m not trying to negotiate about your valuable comment, I appreciate it so much because you checked my gig and told me the honest answer. I’m very thankful about it.
I saw so much gigs that offer 5 concepts, Source files and many more for $5s I know that’s not your problem, I’m just asking.


Fiverr operates on the concept of Capitalism. A freelancer has the freedom to price their services at whatever level they want. How successful they will be depends upon whether their customers are willing to pay those prices.