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My new Minimalist Logo Design Gig

Hi guys,

First of all thank you so much for your time.

I recently created a new logo design gig and I strongly belive in it. Is my first gig I belive 100% in. I consider it most suitable for my graphic design style.

I even created a logo for me to represent my Fiverr feature [you can see it used on my gig banner, I hope you like it :]
I spend a whole day to set up that gig (around 12 hours) and all you can see is unique used JUST for the gig image galery and gig description.

The problem is It stoped getting views after It went down from “new” subcategory.

And I simply can not let it die. I really belive in that gig.

I promoted it on all social media platforms, I used all buyer requests, etc.

Is there any chance to get some visibility for my gig? I am 100% convinced I’ll do a great job with that gig as I did with all my gigs but this one is the one I’d love to work for.

At least, please leave me your personal feedback guys.

Thank you so much again,