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My new Premium Logo design gig +300$ gig


Hello everyone I was always concern about using fiver to offer my services “the 5$ concept not my thing” but I found out that there is seller who is working for higher prices and showing what are they offering for value and making decent sales, so I decided to get my services and offer it on the site you can see my gig in here:
What is your opinion about offering gigs over 100$? have you experience it before? if so can you share your experience?


high quality & precious & special designs worth a lot


With my video services, I don’t have a gig that starts at +$100, but the majority of my gigs/custom offers start at at least $100. I’m a fan. I’ve been doing well with all my gigs above $75 and only periodically get a $5 voiceover, but of the 20-30 gigs I clear a month, most of in the $75-$150 range, so my opinion for what its worth is that sell your services for what you think they are worth and go for it!


Thank you all the best for you too :heart_eyes:


thank you wish you all the best :slight_smile:


May I ask what makes your logo design Premium? Just out of curiosity?


The essence of my work is that I can give each brand identity project I do a unique factor coming directly from the brand essence itself, cause I believe that every starting business have unique features coming from its value and what they believe in and what is their vision
which make me capable of designing a brand identity translating their vision into a visual identity which will make it stand out in the market
and that’s what make my service premium.