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My new Profile Picture

I just got a new profile picture made by a fiverr Seller. What do you think of it?


Waaw . That’s Awesome :star_struck::star_struck:

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It looks beautiful but it is hard to notice the small letters below “the_writer” :slight_smile:

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the font is describing your work very well ! and yes letter bellow the writer are hard to read

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Looks fabulous, but the words “Premium Translator” are small and blurry. How much did it cost you?

It’s a decent image, but a profile photo of yourself would probably sell better. If you’re not camera shy then get a real photo of yourself :wink:

Sadly I am, thats my problem. :smiley:

5 small dollars. It was a good deal.

Also, the image is HD. See it in full here:

Looked at your profile page, and yeah, it’s kind of hard to see the tiny letters beneath the username. I didn’t even notice they were there until someone else mentioned it.

(Somewhat OT, but why did you mention that you were male in your profile? It seems like a random sort of thing to bring up, especially since you have a pretty masculine name in the first place :stuck_out_tongue: )


I do like to define things and leave no room for assumptions.

It was a great deal. The logo really looks stunning.

Am I allowed to recommend sellers here?

I have no idea. It is my fourth day here.

Same for me lol. Nice image!! No doubt. But not good for PP.

If only the pictures were bigger. I like the clean design.

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I feel like you don’t even necessarily need the “premium translator” line. The picture itself is pretty good, and you don’t have to sell someone the idea of your gigs with your profile pic alone.

There are rules against naming and shaming, but I’m not sure about the opposite.

That makes sense, although I don’t suppose assumed gender would really impact transactions that much.

(Just curious: is German a gendered language? I have approximately zero knowledge about gendered languages.)

Yes, it is a gendered language.

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