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My New Website (ABOUT PİANO)

Hello, everyone! Would you like to join my website? I can make many piano piece for you! Just tell me what you want! :wink:
My Website:

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Hey, I’ve checked out your gig, and well done on the playing! It is very impressive.

I would recommend improving your gig description and professionalism, as that can be very important in a marketplace like Fiverr.

Forgive me for saying so, but from both your profile picture and your gig video, you appear to be much younger than 13 years old (the minimum age of the site). If you are 13 or older, my sincere apologies, however if you are, you are not yet older to own an account on Fiverr.

I am 13,5 years old! And thanks for commenting!

Okay my apologies. You’re really good on piano, especially for your age! Keep going.

You get it wrong because I’m so short

Thank you very much !

Hey! Congratulations on your gig, I play the piano too and you’re very good for your age. My only advice is to write your description in English and add at least 1 more song, even if it’s just like 20 seconds. Also, I would write I was 13 because that differentiates you from the rest, but that’s up to you.

I write it English, but google translate translates turkish!

@worldofpiano Welldone :heart_eyes:

That’s really weird :flushed:

Hi there! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please take a look at the screenshot below. That’s how you should select the languages. You will write in Turkish and Google will translate the text into English.

The image is in Spanish, but you’ll get the idea of what I mean. :wink:

I edited it! You can look my website again.

I edited it! You can look it again!

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Nice! I have your song stuck in my head :wink:

Thanks. I save money for a microfone.

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My piano piece is full but I can’t send it on Fiverr. It is my piano piece’s one part!

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