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My Newest Gig: I Will Draw a Bad Portrait for You!


Here is my newest gig. I thought I would do something fun and provide a quality product.

I will draw a bad portrait for $5.00 for you.

Want or need a bad portrait? I am an illustrator with zero-zilch-no experience.

My hand drawn bad portraits make great gifts for family, friends, loved ones, the incarcerated and even enemies! Who doesn’t love a poorly drawn portrait?

Let me draw you a horrible portrait. Why? Because if I do it, then you don’t have to! Just send me a picture and I’ll email you the pencil drawing (digitized).

$5.00 portraits are for one person and done in pencil.

For an additional $10.00 I’ll mail the original drawing (signed and dated of course) along with a hand-written and poorly-drawn Certificate of Authenticity anywhere in the U.S. This is a generous offer because I predict these will become valuable collector pieces after I die!

You can view my gig at:

Thanks for reading!