My newest Gig - What do you think? Any tips, advice, suggestions on it?


I plan on later adding a video… but is there anything you can see I need to change in the description or tags maybe?

All thoughts, tips, suggestions, welcome!

Right now, I cannot find my gig in the search. I even looked in the “new” section… but nothing. :frowning: Is it just me or is anyone else able to find it?

I just want to make sure it’s at it’s best so I have the best chance at getting sales.

Thanks in advance!


Ditch the negative review gigs. It will only hurt you in the end.

You seem to be doing well with the transcribe stuff, why not upscale that one?

The problem with fiverr now is that the competition is white hot. You have to create an original gig. Like you, I’m not the particularly good at the stuff that brings in dozens of gigs a day (SEO GIGS). I found that writing was something I was decent it. I started here doing youtube likes and that gave me some decent orders. I ditched it because it takes far to long to complete. Just create a gig for a few hundred likes and use youlikehits to deliver them.


I didn’t look at your new gig but browsed all of your gigs. Just one that stands out to me and sounds a tad unethical:

I can write a positive review for you, or write a negative review for one of your competitors

There was a landmark case here in the UK where a famous travel site was sued for doing stuff like this.





Reply to @ozzieuk: I agree… not ethical. I am debating on that gig. I feel that I am not responsible though… if they buy the service, they take that risk.


Reply to @prohelper27: I see where are coming from you just want to be careful, people work hard for their business and it can be ruined by just one well placed negative review.

I had this first hand got a totally unwarranted negative review on a gig that sells 40+ units a day, the day I got the neg NO ORDERS (thankfully removed) and now orders have returned. I just look at it this way how would I feel if someone gave me a negative review that was asked for by another buyer etc. Pretty bad, just my opinion though :slight_smile:


Reply to @ozzieuk: I know… I don’t feel good about it by any means.

It was one of the first gigs I created when I came to Fiverr. I was just trying to create a gig people would buy and I am not exactly “good” at anything so it was really hard for me to think of something.

In all honesty, I am in desperate need of money at the moment. I suppose that is why I keep that gig up. I need all the money I can get right now and I am willing to do things that may not be “right”. :frowning: