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My Newest Pet Peeve


One of my growing pet peeves is when you deliver an order to a buyer and after just about two days you get a response (via a revision request) saying to the effect that they are away on vacation or travelling and have limited access to internet and as a result will offer feedback on the delivery in two-three days or so.

It is becoming very annoying.


Yep. After 2 days Fiverr sends them a warning email to say the order will complete and they won’t be able to make changes then. I have had the same issue.


Oh ho, so that’s why… but isn’t it not an abuse of the system to then leave it open, I had one person even telling me to give them a week. It’s always a touch and go situation because it requires some tact, a week is unreasonable unless you had a serious emergency, in this case, waiting for two more days, although not ideal I’ll let it slide but it is indeed annoying, couple this with the new Manual-Completion feature is starting to become a pain.

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Yes, I tell them that Fiverr does not allow open ended revisions but I am happy to allow you an extra 2 days as a goodwill gesture. After that I will mark it complete unless you have requested a change.
Most annoying part is that I don’t offer revisions on any gigs…


The frequency at which this is happening is something else, so far I’ve got five orders this month already with people doing this. Right now two in my queue without any response for a few days and persons clicking the revision button and saying “I’ll let you know if I need revisions” or “I need revision” (and then send nothing). The thing is I sent a follow up message each day and still no response. It’s crazy annoying let me tell you.

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