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My newly created is not showing in search results, even under newest arrivals!

My newly created gig is not showing up under all search results, i even checked under newest arrivals, someone please help!!!

I have the same problem. Is that normal? Does it take longer for them to appear? Would greatly appreciate some help. After investing so much thought and time into creating these gigs, it’s rather sobering that they don’t appear anywhere.

I just had the same experience with one of my newly created gigs. My older gigs are in the search…but the new one is not. Not sure why…maybe some kind of update is coming.

In which case I hope it will come fast!

Fiverr search results are totally dynamic some time show other seller gig and after some time show the differ gig so don’t warry this is normal :slight_smile:

Same here. I just spent 1 hour to create a gig.

it will be come soon don’t worry