My no.1 selling gig doesnt show up when i search for it anymore


I was wondering why isnt new orders comming in usually i got some orders every day then i saw that my gig isnt showing up when i search for it, it has 100% possitive feedback and only five stars, how come its removed for searching ? please help me


same problem with mine, but didn’t get any solution


I have same problem my clickbank gig that i have spend lots of time to make a great tutorial course for it in video formatwith over 4hrs of contant with 96% rating doesnt show in the search engine any more and my orders have droped from 8 a day to like 1 a week because it does not show any more please help me what is going on ?


Me too


Maybe give same chance for other seller.


same here


Same here, only my best selling gig. Weiredlly it shows up when i searsh for it through the fiverr android app.


I have the same problem! My gigs doesn’t show up on the store =(


Same problem fiverr change search algorithom again and they give opportunity new seller but it’s not acceptable.


Same problem.
Can’t find my Best Seller gig :frowning: