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My number one priceless tip for getting return buyers


Take pride in your work!
It may be a tough job initially, especially say for me with voice acting. I wasn’t initially perfect but I do everything I can to get the best product to my buyer. If I don’t like a small snippit in a recording, I redo it until it’s right. If the sound isn’t loud enough, I fix it. I don’t settle for mediocre. When you do that, your buyer recognizes it and really sees your passion, love and drive you have and will come back without you having to haggle or message or bother them. Quality is a loud spokesman if you give it time to get its words out.


This is as true as we are alive and breathing, and every seller should always keep this on mind and be its guide. :wink:


Hello Barrelofmonkeys,
I am a voice actor as well. Have been (seriously) selling my services as well for about 5-8 months. But haven’t gotten alot of orders. Just changed one of my gigs and increased price. In your opinion how often should description, priecs, voice samples be updated. Thank you for your comments in advance


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Perfect expression
Absolutely right

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And remember as a Voice Over Artist you are in a unique situation from many other freelancers, forever accountability.
Your voice becomes your watermark for your brand. Your voice is on every project. Who knows, who will hear your halfhearted attempt for a client and that is their perception of you - forever.

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Well said.
As (another) voice talent, I always belive my reading is for the next (yet to be ordered) project.
If people REALLY knew how much time was spent in editing vs voicing, I think they’d be surprised how long a 60 second, 150 word script takes from the mic to the client.

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YES! It is important to always give your best product. As the end of the day, you agreed to offer a service for $. I Believe in providing the BEST QUALITY, regardless if it is a $5 or a $5,000 job. As an artist I am not satisfied with providing poor quality work.


I couldn’t have “typed” it better myself :slight_smile: Very well put!

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Yes Quality is the Loudest Spokeperson that always shoutout for you

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