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My number one tip for getting the best product you can get

So I do voice acting and there are a ton of us out there. And with that, it’s quite understandable that you want a specific voice or product that you’ve had in mind! So how do you know you’ll get that exactly? Well my number one tool would be communication. If you have a certain voice in mind, message the seller! I love when a buyer messages me, gives me information about their project they are passionate about and really gives me some awesome information about what they are looking for. When I see that, I’m just drawn in and can really get a great grasp on what you’re needing from me. From there, I can get the best kind of idea to get you the voice you need without un needed revisions and with a quick delivery to boot. Hope this helps!


Since you posted this in tips section please can you make some breaks and paragraphs?

This is humanly impossible and painful to read all in one line.

And topic title and text in post have no connection.

I think that the ‘number one tip’ is to order from OP.

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