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My Observation: Love your respective BUYERS, Be honest & clear yor service


It is more easier to get orders in fiverr but this is more & more difficult to work with different Buyers.when they sometimes place order without read gig details and want more work in 5$ unexpectedly. I hope this is very important for all respective buyer to know more details about the gig they want to order.

I have made a little research on my few fellow fiverrian, those are many working in fiverr from last 2-3 years and they all suggest me an important tip is hard work & happy your buyer best you can. Because it may work some factors of fiverr search algorithm where frequent gig sell, Avg. gig sell, daily weekly monthly gig sell, buyer satisfaction ( reviews) play an important role.

Dear fellow, This is just my opinion which i want to sharing with you, if you think i am wrong just correct me and your suggestion also highly appreciated. Thanks


My advice to you would be not to chase “Sales”, instead provide Quality work BUT at the same time, stand your ground when you have Buyers with OUTLANDISH expectations.

Keeping your Buyer happy is fine, but if they are pushing you around, you have to learn to say NO.
-> Don’t think, “Oh, i will do as this buyer says, because it’s $5 and I do not want to take a loss or get a bad review. I will try to satisfy him ANY way I can!”

You may feel this behavior is right, when in fact it is WRONG and not only is it unfair to you, the buyer will then continue with their behavior and find another innocent seller to push around. Affecting buyer/seller gig relationships and review metrics.

So remember, everything ties in together, don’t try to end your life for a single sale or satisfying ALL needs.

Know you worth, be respectful, be firm yet polite and most importantly, deliver Quality work.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Dear, Thanks for your comment and special tips. Great !