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My offer and yet they won't try me

one of my work from last year…had a good time doing this (and yet people can’t see what I offer…smt)

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Please keep in mind, you are competing for clients here on Fiverr. It’s not necessarily a matter of someone being nice enough to “try you”, as it is about you being the best seller for a job. Perhaps some of your competitors are presenting better offers then you. Or, maybe buyers aren’t looking for the kind of art you offer. To be seen – to be hired – you need to study and understand your competition, and find ways to be better than that competition. You also need to understand what buyers are looking for, and appeal to their need… and show them how you can solve that need.

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I guess you haven’t seen the sellers profiles out there…bruh its a photo manipulation.

If you are a new seller you need to get the word out, don’t rely on your gig ranking by itself. You need to get sales and the ball rolling. Sales means reviews so once you start promoting yourself in some places like facebook, blogs etc then you will start seeing orders. Also your offer must be competitive, just because you are good at something doesn’t mean people know you or are willing to trust you, you need to come in with a competitive price, bonuses, offer more value than other sellers etc.