My one gig is not shown on search list


Why my one gig is not shown is search list?


Did you just create or edit the gig?

All new and edited gigs take 1-3 days to appear in the search results because they must be approved by Fiverr. Wait a bit, and if your gig/edits is/are approved, your gig will reappear.


No, it’s around 7/8 month old gig.
Thank you.


Alright. Did you recently edit your gig?


No, I was edit this gig 3month ago.


Alright, then it would appear that you may have to start marketing and promoting your gigs in order for your services to be seen. Fiverr does not guarantee that gigs will appear anywhere in search results, but they do seem to reward gigs that are successful, bring in customers, and result in sales. So… bring in your own customers, deliver high-quality work, and earn positive reviews for that work. Over time, if your gig becomes successful, it will likely start gaining visibility in the search results.

YOU are responsible for your own success. Take actions that show Fiverr that your gig belongs in the a visible place in the search results.


Thank you very much!!!
I will do that.