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My one of complete order money is lost

This is my 2ndpost. already I post regarding this issue after that aging my money has come back to earning column it showed 7 days pending to clearance so today I check that but I see this notificationnot but in the clearance are no any row for this .is it possible. I do hard work to gain this money. actually I don’t have any idea. now I am very disappointed with this issue! bug|690x114

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it says that you were compensated for your cancelled order , you will receive the money in time after a period of 7 days even if it’s not showing up in your earnings ,it happened to me in the past as well , nothing to worry about


did you received your money ?

@cre8iveartwork answered your question when they said this :arrow_down:


Fiverr has given you back the money.

It will clear after about a week.

You can see it in your earnings waiting to clear.

your clint’s bank maybe have a problem. i also had this problem. i talked to him and he said what is the in his bank. o worries
did you received your money ?