My One profile pic is continuously changing why? Please help


The picture with red circle and arrow on top. This picture is changing regularly if i change the picture after some time it changes again. Top picture remains okkk. Any one can explain why this happening???


other users report the same


OK Thanks i thought my account was hacked :sunglasses:


Do you know why this is happening???


Fiverr likes to toy with you that way.


Hey Thanks for the information after read your message when we check it my profile there is somethings
wrong going on because my profile also changes automatically…:slight_smile:


:disappointed: Ohhhhhhh they are playing with everyone?


My profile image is changing automatically too. is that bug or someone hacked the whole fiverr?

i don’t understand?

this is strange… it’s look like - fiverr developers are changing code on live site OR maybe someone hacked the fiverr system. it’s panic situation.


Oh, I just came here to write exactly the same thing! I am new here and I panicked when I realized my profile image is changing (when I am logged in - it’s the image I have chosen, but when I log out - there is some other image of a girl I don’t know). That’s weird, I hope it’ll be fixed soon. :slight_smile:


same here… my profile photo keep changing… i already change my password and scan my computer but keeps changing at this moment…


My too. :slight_smile:


Same here… my profile also changed automatically


I don’t know why this is happening but have reached out to some who may know. It doesn’t sound like a hacking or major issue so I would not panic. In the meantime, if you are affected you can contact customer support and if you get a response before I do, please share it here and tag me so I can ensure others know.


Mine is changing too


In the past Fiverr would get all mixed up, showing us other people’s inboxes and gigs on our profile pages - I guess they have fixed that so that it now only changes our pics to other people’s pics, which is far better than the former and far less serious, too :smiley:

Maybe Fiverr wants us to know how it affects our sales when having a pic of the opposite gender :smiley:


Oh my. Boom! [quote=“Woofy31, post:15, topic:154600”]
Maybe Fiverr wants us to know how it affects our sales when having a pic of the opposite gender :smiley:



That issue was solve by CS so don’t worry about it,