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My one tip I never thought I'd need as a seller

So starting out, I thought, oh man I’m gonna make all the money and it’s going to be great. Some weeks I’m looking great and others are… Slim. What I learned things come and go like good weeks getting good money and some weeks not so much. I’d voice act a book making some great money and next week I have just one $5 voice over. Either way, I learned it’s ok. Keep pushing forward and don’t give up. It may be slow but just keep giving excellent content and your orders will come


How can I be that patience? What if you don’t get at all for months, what will you do then

I just go and use other apps if it’s too slow. Keep your eggs in more than one basket

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if you don’t get any orders in months then you are doing something wrong

How so you mean doing something wrong

There are certainly slow times but stick with it - even when it seems like you’ll never get another order again. Sometimes, when order volume is a bit lower than I’d like, I reduce my prices for a while. Sure, it cuts into my profits but brings in a new audience of buyers who are looking for a real bargain.