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My online shop was hacked by a fiveer seller


I just received an email telling me that my regular online shop has been hacked by a seller and he changed my shop main email to his

can you please let me know of anyone at this site who can help me ? this is an emergency


I’m sorry this happened. Only fiverr support can help you with his. Just go on fiverr website and press “contact” button

On the other note so we could help you better:
Who sent you an email? Did they send it to your personal email or the email that attached to your website? Do you still have access to your website?

It might be just a spam message.


There have been a few recently. :frowning_face:

Have you tried logging in with your credentials since you received this email?


Who sent the email to you about it?


the seller I hired to build my shopify shop sent me that email and my online shop is gone


what I received it not a spam email


I can not get into my shop or paypal account account


is there any phone number I can call ?


No phone number but you can try

Always change your password etc. after your website work’s been done. Your seller should not have needed your PayPal password.

I do hope you can get this sorted. Please make sure you contact PayPal as well - you need to regain access to your account and block anybody else.


I changed all of that by the created a cvs file and then took it with him and deleted all of my items before I accepted my order


fiveer has not replied in 2 days


Why would you accept the order when they’ve done that?

Edited - I am now really confused about what happened and when.


You need to call paypal immediately and tell them this. You can google their phone number.


I got hacked before my order was delivered to me and before the deadline, and when I wanted to check on my shop, there was no shop, seller made a cvs file and deleted the shop contents and sent me an email at my paypal account email telling me that my account had been hacked


the he vanished from this site


he deleted his seller account


there is proof everywhere of what he did


So if it wasn’t delivered to you when it was hacked I don’t understand the problem? It sounds like you just need fiverr to give you a refund of what you paid for the site since you never really got it?

I don’t understand how the seller could send you a message saying it was hacked before you even got it? I guess he himself hacked it after he made it for you and before he delivered it.


So if there was no site then the seller is saying that he didn’t do the job, didn’t deliver a working site to you, and all you need is a refund.


Hi @lilymari

I’m a little confused here. You say you have just received an email telling you what happened but at the same time you say Fiverr hasn’t replied to you past 2 days.

You also state the following

Could you please make chronoligical steps of what happened? Also, could you please tell us if you have contacted Paypal and wherever you had your shop?